Star Citizen

All information and involvement in Sea of Thieves is pending/tentative. Current interest is based on what we know about the game, have seen, or have experienced. Due to the nature of game development, the reality of the game could be different compared to what we are expecting or envisioning.

IF YOU ARE CONSIDERING JOINING STAR CITIZEN, please contact @Shanseala or @Aeua, as we can get some bonus credits for referral links, and in turn can help you out during the launch of the game.

Leader/Organizer of the Star Citizen Chapter: Aeua

To join the Chapter as an existing member of Eularity:

Direct Message @Aeua on Discord and mention your interest in being a part of the Star Citizen “crew” for Eularity.

To join the Chapter as a new member of Eularity:

You will first need to review our homepage and follow the steps on the JOIN page. After that, reach out to @Aeua on Discord.

Current Organization Focus

SPECTRUM → (not updated)

Highly subjective to change.

Currently, the focus for the guild will be pretty similar to most of our games:

Being independent, having our own interests at heart — as most organizations do.

Current type → CORPORATION (out of options: Organization, Private Military Group, Faith, Syndicate)

I suspect we’ll be more oriented towards trade and industry with an emphasis on activities that require group logistics. Some of us will need to be sufficiently capable at combat.

Our current “two activities/specializations” are TRADING and FREELANCING. Profit, profit, profit!

Available activity options (on the org website): Bounty Hunting, Engineering, Exploring, Freelancing, Infiltration, Piracy, Resources, Scouting, Security, Smuggling, Social, Trading, Transport

Again, none of this is set in stone and will adapt as we learn more about the game.

Plan is to be a “neutral” organization, following where the credits flow. “Opportunistic” has been a common theme among sandbox-esque games.

There could be an opportunity for some level of roleplay in this game, as we will be getting our own bases that we can claim/build on planets. I have no personal intention to roleplay (in a similar vein as I used to in GW2, WoW, etc.), but SC could have the potential for a more immersive approach to roleplaying.

Roster Details


Aeua –
Shanseala –

“What if I’m already in an Organization?”

That’s fine, membership in ELRY-SC is not exclusive. We’ll treat it similarly to how Guild Wars 2 operates: you can be in multiple organizations, even if we might prefer ELRY members to select our in-game org as their “main.” Not required, but preferred.

Some activities may be limited to ELRY-SC core members.