Eularity’s Lore in Guild Wars 2

The city of Eularia was founded over a century ago by the Featherflares in one of the further reaches of Tyria. The Featherflares were, and are, a family of wealthy traders, merchants and craftsmen. They created Eularia in hopes of bringing together a collection of individuals who shared an equal finesse of specialized talents, both in economics and craftsmanship. In turn, they multiplied their profits and knowledge by creating a privatized network of like-minded people who were able to collaborate together and create a city that was exclusive and isolated from the rest of society.

Eularia went on to increase the overall and collective wealth and knowledge from inside its walls; many individuals mastered their crafts and perfected their trade routes between many of the nearby civilizations. They welcomed outsiders in rare cases when it proved valuable to them that an individual would increase their city’s worth. Eularia slowly became diverse with many of the races on Tyria, during its time; they saw past cultural differences and arguments when focused on the wealth and knowledge at stake.

Less than a year ago, the city of Eularia went under siege and was destroyed. Most of the population of the city was decimated, including many of the wealthiest and most prominent figures. One of the fortunate survivors, Aeua Featherflare (also heir to the Featherflare Dynasty), lead a small caravan of survivors (and what little of their belongings and wealth that they could carry) from their fallen city to Divinity’s Reach. After a home had been re-established in the human capital city, Aeua shifted her focus onto the reconstruction of her family’s kingdom through a new society: “Eularity.”

Aeua recollected the survivors, formed Eularity and vowed to herself to make the society as great and prestigious as Eularia was in its golden era. Many of motives from Eularia remain in Aeua’s vision, most notably the acquisition of wealth, technological knowledge, and the finesse of services and craftsmanship. Her vision began to differ from her predecessor’s reign by making her society more inclusive: she realized that in order to not only survive, but to exceed, she must remain open-minded to those that can aid her in her efforts to reconstruct a kingdom, while contributing back to Tyria.

Present to this day, Aeua Featherflare and the survivors of the Fall of Eularia seek to bolster their ranks with people who have specialized talents that can increase the society’s wealth, knowledge, technological understanding, craftsmanship and services much like the city of Eularia. However, she not only seeks veterans and masters of these crafts, but also beginners, novices and exploratory individuals who intend to work their craft to perfection over the years ahead. Aeua believes that much more can be made of her society when those new to a craft can learn from veterans and masters. Aeua wishes not only for the acquisition of wealth and finesse, through the efforts of all within the society, but to see the manifestation of each member’s individual goals and dreams.