Always Rising
Welcome to the community website for Eularity. Use this page to learn more about our organization and the games we are currently active in. You can join our Discord channel to chat with us to see if we’re a good fit for us or you can “Join Now” to put in your application to join our social community and active chapter.




To cultivate a community of players to

be authentic,

take initiative with their ideas,

become the best they can be,

collaborate with peers,

offer their gifts to the community,

be respectful to themselves and other players, 

and to enjoy the adventure.



To leverage our resources as a community to provide:

a respectful environment for you to be yourself and pursue your goals,

resources and guidance to assist players of all skill levels,

regular activities to help you achieve your goals,

and opportunities to grow and improve as both a gamer and a person.

What does “Eularity” even mean?

(1) n., a community of gamers who are committed to becoming the best players and individuals that they can be while also providing collaborative support to their peers on their own pursuits.

(2) n., a physiological state in which an individual is finely tuned and focused on what they want to accomplish. (aka “flow.”)

(3) n., the “city on the horizon” that represents the home of all of our best selves and where our pursuits reside → a reminder to ask ourselves if we are moving towards or away from our ideals.


Rather than capturing the masses, we seek only to capture the hearts of those that resonate with the key values we believe that will create an inclusive, respectful, and collaborative community. We aspire to cultivate a community that supports and challenges one-another to become the best that we all can be.



Always Rising

Strive to keep evolving as a player and as a person.

Set your aims high and move towards it. Help others, and let others help you, improve.


Treat others with respect and kindness.

Don’t be a dick. (:

Practice good sportsmanship and be a decent human being.

We will not tolerate people who are mean and disrespectful to one-another, regardless of guild affiliation.



When you see an opportunity, take it.

It need not be grandiose.

With good intentions, you do not need to wait for permission to do something you think is beneficial for yourself, for a guild member, or for the guild.



Be yourself.

We want the oddballs, the misfits, we want your quirks, we want to see the unique values our community has.

Help the community become open-minded and inclusive of players and their unique interests and personalities.



Everyone has a gift to provide.

As simple as lending an ear or offering your time in-game.

Or as grandiose as providing your technical expertise or game knowledge.

Help your guild mates become the best they can with what you have to give.



Work together with your peers to accomplish a common or personal goal.

Ask when you need a hand.

Offer a hand when you can.

Invite others along on your pursuits and create memorable experiences together!


Fun! (:

Have a good time on your own and with your peers! It’s the whole point of it all!

Don’t put yourself through things that make you miserable.

Be a reason the player on the other side of the screen smiles today!

Join today!