Guild Charter


To positively impact people behind the screen through supportive community interaction and engaging collaborative or competitive gameplay.

To create a warm and welcoming environment for gamers of various lifestyles and backgrounds to find support, grow individually, and to create engaging, challenging, and uplifting experiences.

Keystone Values

Our community’s core values, expected of each member and Chapter.


Every guild member must be finding ways to be improving themselves – either in their own life, in who they are, and/or in how they show up in each game – and the guild community.


Help your peers. Lend a hand. Be a space for them to vent. Be a guide and teach what you know.


Treat those around you as you would want to be treated, whether they are on your team – or the opposing. You don’t have to like everyone, but it’s expected to treat them respectfully.


Cultivate positivity in yourself and in your peers by supporting and uplifting others, rather than bringing negative behavior into communication and interactions.


Say hello. Engage with your fellow guild mates. Jump into their groups. Start your own. Relationships are built through interaction and communication.

Other Guidelines

  • Coming soon, page still under construction. (: