Join the Guild

Requirements to Join

  • 18+ Years of Age
  • Loosely active 1-2 times a month to participate in an active chapter or community game.
  • MUST be respectful to all players.

How to Apply to Eularity

  1. Join Discord (
  2. Look for the Application details in the #public channel.
  3. Submit your Application directly into #public (or) Private Message an @Officer:
    1. Aeua#2468
    2. Shanseala#9238
    3. Ghost#4263
  4. Check the individual game for any additional Application Requirements (e.g., providing Gamertag, etc.).
  5. Await a response from an Officer and a brief chat. (: In the meantime, say hi to the guild in #public. (:

New members undergo a brief trial period and are guided by an assigned officer/newcomer guide.


Leadership / Contact

  • Aeua (Leader) (Aeua#2468)
  • Shanseala (Officer) (Shanseala#9238)
  • Ghost (Officer) (Ghost#4263)

@Officer in Discord

Membership Ranks

Leader + Officer
Developers and managers of the guild at large, systems, and inter-personal relationships.

Game Coordinator

A non-officer that is responsible for core organization of a chapter or community game. (Typically one of the most active members of that chapter/game.)


Members of the guild who are actively enrolled in a Guild Chapter. This is an additional role on top of Eularian.

(+Must be active within a Guild Chapter in a month period.)


Core members of the community that may not necessarily be proactively involved in an active Guild Chapter. All members are Eularians, always.


Acquaintances/friends of a Eularian. They may or may not be directly involved in game activities, but are given special access so that friends/family can participate without being subject to all the same requirements of members.


Temporary members that are likely only visiting to participate for a 1-time session. These members are regularly purged.