Fun is the beginning of all things gaming and guild. Without it, there’s no real purpose to play any of the games that we play or to be a part of any guild that we join. Although it’s technically the last of the Keystone Values, each one has integral importance in the guild. While Respect is #1 when it comes to importance in the community, it’s the value of Fun that sets the stage, marks the beginning, and sets the true intention of the community.

At every turn and every chance, we should be looking for ways to make our experiences in the game and the guild more enjoyable across the board. That doesn’t mean we need to analyze ourselves or our activities every second to make sure that we’re having fun. It will fluctuate over time, but it never hurts to take a moment to ask ourselves one of two questions:

“Are we having fun?” and “What can we do to make this more fun?”

Sometimes it’s easy for me to lose sight of the original purpose of gaming: having fun, getting away from certain things in life, making friends, and creating enjoyable experiences with people.

If I ever feel myself starting to get frustrated with a game, it’s probably because I’ve in some way began to not have fun with the game or with what I’m doing related to the game.

At that point, the simple question of “am I having fun?” can get you to pause and glance at what you’re doing to determine with more objectivity whether or not you’re having a good time.

And if you are? Great! Keep on keeping on.

But if not? Then we need to stop and figure out why. Sometimes we just lose interest in a game, sometimes we enjoy the game but there’s not really much of a goal – so we get stagnant, and other times there are frustrations with the game that arise and we focus too much energy into that instead of why we’re playing in the first place.

And whether or not we’re having fun or we’ve lost that zeal for a game, asking the question, “what can we do to make this more fun?” can help us aim our minds to look for new solutions to spice things up and create more enjoyable experiences for ourselves and even other members of the guild we’re playing with.

In fact, one of the most substantial things I’ve had to do as I was refining the guild and building the website is constantly ask myself: what’s fun for me? What do I want to do?

Part of the stagnancy in my gaming and the community development at large was that my focus shifted away from the “fun” aspect in games and I stressed too much about how I was doing things, whether or not I was doing everything the “right way,” or on things not going the way I expected them to. I focused on that instead of what was actually fun and exciting and looking for ways to bring that to life.

Once I started focusing on what I actually enjoyed about gaming and being honest with myself about what I actually wanted to play, it was like the fog started to split and I gained new clarity.

And from a guild development standpoint, I still have a lot of work to do, but now it’s not a matter of worrying about whether or not I’m doing things “right,” it’s more about creating an environment, culture, and experience around me that brings me to life – so that hopefully others will similarly be lit up by the ideas or visions that I have. And hopefully that can empower others, even in a small way, to look for the things that they enjoy doing.

I know it seems a little silly to make a big thing out “have fun!” but it’s such an important part, and for some of us that get really roped into gaming, sometimes “having fun” gets pushed aside for one reason or another.

Now every choice I make (and hopefully yours, too) should go through this “fun filter.”

Am I having fun (or) what can I do to make this more fun?

Apply this to yourself, to others in the guild, or both!

For example:

  • Is doing the grindy content that’s #1 in gold-per-hour worth it if it makes you hate yourself? Or are you better off looking for the 2nd or 3rd best option, but you actually enjoy the content/activity of?
  • Can you make that same kind of grindy content more enjoyable by inviting others to play with you (where socialization can make those activities less unpleasant)?
  • Thinking of quirky little ways to make a game more enjoyable, fun, or shenanigan-induced?
  • Can you take a minute to reach out to people in Discord to see if others are a) interested, b) actually want to play that game/activity with you right now or c) asking specific people if they’re interested that you know enjoy the game, etc.?

There are tons of ways to add more fun into your games or reframing your mindset to make sure you’re focusing on the right things in your gaming adventures.

At the end of the day, it’s important to understand WHY you play the games that you do and WHAT specifically you enjoy about those games.

Sometimes it’s a simple answer and sometimes it’s not.

But the more we can incorporate an emphasis on fun into the games that we play and less of a focus onto what’s “wrong” or unpleasant about the game, the more enjoyable our experiences will be – naturally!

I hope you take a moment to consider this and what you can do to make your current games and experiences more enjoyable for yourself and others. (: If you feel obliged, comment below or add your comments on your personal wall on Discord or in the #aeua channel.