Ranking System


The Director
Aeua / Austin

Activity Coordinators | Community Management


Those who have been around a far bit and demonstrate an understanding of our values and vision.

The core rank of Eularity.

Our guest rank of the guild. Friends of an existing member that are welcome to be a part of our Discord community, embark on events with us, but may not have access to all of the same resources as a core member.

New Recruit
You’ll start here!

Temporary Ranks

Fortune Soldier
Temporary members of the guild for special events/purposes.

Inactive / AFK
Eularians that have taken a hiatus from the game and are welcome back into the guild upon their return..

The ranking structure will vary from game to game. In general, the community is broken up into the two primary categories of “leadership” and “membership.” We aim to keep the overall ranking structure as simplified as possible: Officer + Member + Recruit. Additional ranks may be used in order to help with in-game management.

An emphasis we wish to make is that every player is equal. Even if leadership may dictate certain guidelines and decisions, everyone is still considered an equal player within our community.

Activity Policy

Member – active

Citizen – non-active member (“temporary AFK”)

At Eularity, we have a very loose definition of activity. As a community oriented guild, we need to provide our members with the flexibility to enjoy a variety of games and, of course, handle real life as it happens.

As a member joins the guild, they are considered a member across all community groups (MMOs, multiplayer games, etc.). We rarely remove due to inactivity except in situations where players are “active” but no longer participating with the guild. As a multi-game community, each game’s guild activity requirements may vary.

By utilizing Discord, we make it easy for members to stay in contact with the rest of the guild.

We consider your interaction and communication as engagement with the guild, not necessarily being “online” in any particular game.

That said, we want to ensure that our roster is always presenting players who are actively involved in our community. What this means is that we may remove players that are no longer engaging with Eularity in any capacity.

If at any point a member should be removed (due to RL, inactivity, etc.) and would like to join back up with the crew, they need only ask.