I’ve spent the last couple of weeks tidying up some things in the guild, but these tidying-ups have been mostly internal:

Figuring out where I want to go with the guild and creating a plan of action to bring those ideas to life.

For now, I only want to lay the ground works for where the guild is for me right now and what my personal plan is for moving forward with the guild.

You probably already know that I’m most interested in Star Citizen, followed by Sea of Thieves. This hasn’t changed. Sea of Thieves is just around the corner and Star Citizen is more of a long term interest.

Today, I’m not very active in any of the games I’m playing, largely because I’m not absolutely hooked on any given game, and I have a tendency to want to go balls deep in whatever game I pick.

Right now I consider myself to be in more of a waiting or transitional period while waiting for at least Sea of Thieves. But I also really, really, really dislike waiting for games. At most, all I want to do is keep my eye on what’s on the horizon, but stay grounded in what’s going on today.

So I’m going to break down my “next steps” in the guild as the following:

  1. Set the new intentions and new vision for the guild. It’s still largely the same, but I needed to take the time to refine it based on what’s important for me and the type of vision I now have.
  2. Establish the “target games.”
  3. Establish the “current games.”
  4. Create recruitment efforts around target and current games, with emphasis on our “multi-game” facet.
  5. Gradually create events around the current games.
  6. Make sure that these current games have either supportive or direct leadership to keep these running when I’m not available.

(1.) So let’s start with the new intentions of the guild.

Most of these can be found on the new vision page, found on the home page. I am currently considering a complete rebranding of the guild, namely the transition to a self-hosted website with better flexibility (done). I don’t know where forums will fit in the equation, if at all (currently testing a forums on this website, undecided).

Discord will remain our primary form of communication.

In short, the new vision is centered around the new Keystone values, Vision Statement, Mission Statement, and current/target games.

Keystone Values → Respect, Evolution, Initiative, Authenticity, Contribution, Teamwork, and Fun!
Vision Statement → To cultivate a community of players to be authentic, take initiative with their ideas, become the best they can be, collaborate with peers, offer their gifts to the community, be respectful to themselves and other players, and to enjoy the adventure.
Mission Statement → To leverage our resources as a community to provide: a respectful environment for you to be yourself and pursue your goals, resources and guidance to assist players of all skill levels, regular activities to help you achieve your goals, and opportunities to grow and improve as both a gamer and a person.

I’ve personally undergone some pretty significant changes as an individual since I started Eularity 5 years ago (whoa, crazy to think about – I’m a little late on the anniversary!).

This has meant that I needed to take stock of who I am now and what’s important to me. When I think about leading a guild and the type of community I want to be a part of, a lot of my RL interested and philosophies bleed over into the guild and online world.

I want to have a good time with great people. I want to be around people who optimistic, eager to help others, and are interested in becoming the best version of themselves that they can be – whatever that is for them.

Many of my philosophies and beliefs in general are overlapped here in the guild. I don’t want to just be a part of a “gaming guild.” There’s a likelihood that many of the people that come and go through the guild will simply be here to play a game with a group of people – and that is perfectly okay. That’s the whole point: having a good time, and hopefully around people who are like-minded, respectful, and fun to be around.

I’m looking for something a little more than the standard gaming guild. I want to, over time, create a community that people want to be a part of – not just because of the games and fun times, but also because it’s uplifting, optimistic, and accepting of all of us who might be a little quirky and different.

(2.) The target games.

As mentioned earlier: Star Citizen and Sea of Thieves will be my long-term targets for the guild, personally. (Note that as the guild develops, we’ll have multiple games and chapters going on, lead by more than just me. I will be doing my best to support the efforts and social circles in these other games, even if I’m not very active in them.)

Sea of Thieves will be here first and I will be creating a crew for this game. Although we don’t know a lot about endgame content, and I’m not certain on the longevity of this game will be, it’s the game I’ll probably be most focused on for a while, even if it’s not so much an MMO like most of us are used to.

I think this would be a really fun game to try and “make a name for ourselves in the community,” whether we want to be abnormally altruistic buccaneers, traditionally ruthless pirates, or take on our usual “opportunistic” approach.

Star Citizen is my end goal right now. The scope of the game is mind boggling, but unfortunately it could still be some time before it comes to fruition for all of us.

My plan is to recruit for this game in advance, rather than on the day and weeks of launch. This will be a good opportunity to find players who are long-term oriented and also interested in playing other games with the community.

(3.) The current games.

Right now, the big player on the field is Warframe. There’s a handful of guildies playing the game at the moment. Shanseala is currently leading the initiative through Warframe for our group, allowing me the opportunity to focus on other guild developments. I’ll be doing what I can to begin recruiting around this game as the foundations and direction for the guild is set in.

There are a variety of other games seeing some activity:

  • Guild Wars 2 – a few returning players, and Living Story Episode 4 is around the corner. I will likely be including this game in my efforts to create a few casual events for the players that are interested in GW2.
  • Tabletop / roll20 – Shan organizes pen and paper RPGs over Discord, roll20 and Tabletop Simulator, and will be able to provide more information for anyone interested in this style of gaming. I would love to incorporate this more officially into the guild.
  • MOBAs – like League of Legends, a handful of guild members are playing these pretty regularly. Although I don’t play, we can try to organize more guild events around these if there are interest and if there’s someone willing to step up for it.
  • Elder Scrolls Online – I’m not as in touch with the progress of ESO, but I know there are a couple of players at least who are logging in to play.
  • Overwatch – played by a few people here and there, I still pop onto this one from time to time and will likely be including this game in my rotation for events and activities.
  • Starcraft 2 – a couple of us are checking out the new(ish) features to SC2, along with the new free-to-level-5 commanders. This is a light interest of mine and will consider organizing the occasional event if there’s interest (such as team v team or custom co-op).
  • EVE Online – if I play any MMO in the interim between now and Sea of Theives or Star Citizen, it will be EVE Online when I’m not playing Warframe. This is NOT going to be a massive guild initiative, as this is mostly a personal pursuit (but if you’re interested, holler!). I will very likely be dropping EVE the moment SOT or SC has playable content.
  • World of Warcraft – there are a few guildies playing, but there’s no current guild presence or initiative here. For me there is no current plan to focus on World of Warcraft, unless we have someone else stepping up to do so.

These are just the big games that come to mind for our community.

(4.) Create recruitment initiatives.

This is going to be one of the most important aspects of this new guild initiative. If I don’t recruit, then this “update” will turn into just like the last few: a big burst of excitement, followed by a meandering-back-into-RL-without-much-of-a-trace.

I want to avoid that. So my primary focus now that I have a good portion of the “foundation” laid out is to start marketing for the guild. This means putting up recruitment posts on all the relevant forums: Star Citizen, Sea of Thieves, and Warframe primarily.

The goal, especially for SOT and SC, is to find players who are also interested in playing other games with us, because it means they’re interested in becoming a community member, not just a player to fill a roster slot in a particular game (which will happen to an extent no matter what).

(5.) Create activities around the target and current games.

Wherever possible, I’ll slowly start to integrate more events around the games we’re playing (e.g., Guild Wars 2, Overwatch, etc.), the target games (Sea of Thieves and Star Citizen) through alphas/betas, and the current games organized by others (e.g., Warframe).

I have to be careful about piling too much on my plate at once, so that means I will be focusing primarily on games that I’m 80-100% interested in playing for the moment.

Right now that means Guild Wars 2, Overwatch, Starcraft 2, and EVE Online. And perhaps Star Citizen alpha runs just to mess around for a tiny bit.

(6.) Establishing and supporting leadership in other games.

For the games I’m not interested in or particularly active in, I’ll see what kind of leadership or structure we can create in them, and do my best to support whomever is taking on the helm for it. Ideally these games will be able to run without my being there.

For example, Shan will likely be taking the helm for Warframe, and I’ll be more or less a “member” in that social circle within Warframe because I’m not particularly active (yet). My contribution will come in the form of trying to help recruit for the community to bolster numbers in the game.

This will also be an opportunity for you, even if you’re not an officer, to step up to the plate and try to help coordinate other active games. This is a philosophy behind one of the new Keystones, which I’ll talk about another time.

So why the change now?

I would love to say that I want to cater to everyone around here that wants to play. I do, but I have to also be honest to myself about what I’m willing and actually going to do.

If my heart is not in a game, but I’m trying to force myself to play it, I’ll lose my conviction very quickly.

I’ve needed to reclaim that conviction for myself from the past couple of years. I understand I can’t “recreate the guild” based on Day 1 of Eularity. I wouldn’t want to, anyway. I’ve changed as a person since then, and it’s only natural that the guild evolves around my personality, beliefs, and drive.

The only difference between Day 1 and now is that there are already a group of people here – who have been sticking around despite the stagnancy. I am essentially putting a blank slate down and saying,

“This is what my vision is. Who’s interested and wants to come with?” I know my vision may not be conventional in the gaming world, because I’m interested in more than just the games: it’s the people that make it for me.

The mistake I’ve made in the past is trying to alter who I am based on who I think you want me to be. I can’t operate that way and I’m learning that I need to plant a flag down on “who I am,” in order to ensure that I’m driving the guild forward with absolute authenticity.

I value your input, but the danger is relying on it in order to take action. I had reversed the order, and that’s what has caused me stagnancy in the gaming and guild world: I relied too much on getting your approval and it crippled me.

Instead, I need to learn to incorporate your input where valid, while still remaining true to who I am.


So, that’s where I’m at. I’m not expecting any kind of feedback (otherwise I would be going right back to old habits of “needing your input”).

This update has been largely for myself, because as I said earlier – I’m creating clarity for myself, and now I’m just moving forward and bringing together new and old members alike that like what I envision for the guild.

If you like what you see, then I would be super appreciative if you direct messaged me on Discord and telling me or letting me know what you’re interested in lately, simply so I can get an idea of who’s read it and who’s interested in the new vision. Regardless, keep an eye out for the next updates!


Austin / Aeua